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Scott Dayman

I’m a lifelong techie who just can’t leave well enough alone.


I have a technology background, beginning with using computers in Jr. High before computers became a thing. Since then, I spent a lot of time in school working on degrees in Electronics (A.S.), Computer Information Systems (B.S.), and Educational Technology (M.A.).

With that background, I began working at JPL in Computer-Aided Calibration, then moved to the Galileo project to set up the Orbiter Engineer Team’s network and file-sharing system and generated some Flight Command Sequences. I then moved to Cassini’s Flight Software group for Systems Administration and flight software. I transitioned to Cassini’s Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations (ATLO) for Systems and Network Administration, and Ground Data Systems.

After over a decade at JPL, I joined the DotCom rush at PetSmart.com for a couple of years. When operations moved to Phoenix, I switched to a career in education where I got my credential and Master’s degree. I am now back in technology, having recently made the jump from Cloudflare Community MVP to Cloudflare employee.

Throughout all that time, and thanks to the experience I developed at PetSmart, I jumped into the world of personal websites. I had hand-coded a few websites during my JPL time, but websites were expensive back then and I didn’t do much.

Nowadays, I strictly use VPS instances for my sites and use the following products: Vultr, Cloudflare, WordPress, Wordfence, and RunCloud.

As far as community experience, I was a WordCamp Santa Clarita 2020 co-organizer and 2021 co-organizer/speaker wrangler. I’m an original Cloudflare Community MVP, and presented the Performance 101 episode on Cloudflare TV. I am also a member of the WordPress Pasadena (CA) MeetUp group.