Plan To Succeed

If you don’t succeed at first…

I started with a directory on my computer full of daily lesson plans I could reuse from year to year, but it was a challenge to maintain 180 files. I’ve tried paying for apps for my Mac for lesson planning and it was so-so – I had a hard time pushing lessons back a day. So I tried creating a spreadsheet where I could mass-select cells to move them over a day. It worked, but was cumbersome.

Try, Try Again

I had tried Planboard a few years ago but it just wasn’t workable for me. In my latest quest, I rediscovered Planboard. Actually, I thought it was a new discovery until I tried to sign up and it said I already had an account.

Planboard is available as a web app or mobile app for iOS and Android.

Bonus Tip: As I write this, I’m in the midst of planning the beginning of my year with PlanBoard. For PE, my goto resource is Playworks. I’ve had a PDF of the 2010-2011 Playworks Playbook for quite a few years. I was searching for Silent Ball rules, and stumbled upon online instructions provided by Playworks. Go check out their awesome Game Library for some fun indoor and outdoor activities.